1min read So, there I was, 18 years old, thinking I had all the answers (which, as many of us know, is exactly when we find out that we don’t know anything at all).  I was buying my first and only pool cue, and no, not because I was very good at pool. I simply […]

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7min read A year and a half ago, the world took part in the most significant shift in how work gets done since the industrial revolution. While many employees continued to show up in person (retail, manufacturing, etc.), the majority of knowledge workers transitioned to their homes to continue to deliver value. As the world

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5min read Have you ever felt that you just aren’t good enough? Or, even worse, that people will find out that you are a fraud? If so, you are not alone, according to the International Journal of Behavioral Science, 70% of people will experience these feelings at some point in their life. Imposter Syndrome makes

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10min read Western Canada has been working towards an economically diverse future since Preston Manning’s call of “reform” in the late 1980s. As host of Collisions YYC, a hyper-local Alberta podcast centered on economic transformation, this is a rallying cry I hear from every guest. “We need to pivot by changing everything — our company

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9min read How comparison (to the wrong things) can kill your mojo Do you ever catch yourself scrolling through Instagram and suddenly feel like you don’t measure up? Maybe you doubt the ideas you bring to the boardroom table. Or perhaps you see your colleagues getting ahead while you feel left behind. You are not

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4min read Calgary is a unicorn city. By that, I mean it has everything you’re looking for in one incredible package. Read on to find out why businesses in Calgary thrive. Folks Are Friendly We call Calgary the “biggest small town” for a reason. The desire to meet with and help each other is why

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8min read If you’re looking for new and innovative ways to engage your ideal audience, podcasting can be a great place to start. Podcasting has plenty of benefits, including: Increase website traffic (if you host your podcast on your company’s website) Build relationships with ideal customers Simple to create Highly engaging and informative Whether you’ve

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