Tyler Chisholm

When you're curious, you find lots of interesting things to do. - Walt Disney

I have always been driven by curiosity. It’s the common thread that connects everything I’ve ever done. Not everything has been a resounding success, but I’ve always appreciated the lessons learned and have been eager to share that with others. This same pattern has shown up in my personal life, my professional life and, as of late, in how I connect with my community. It is at the heart of who I am.

I’m happy to share a little glimpse into my world because I think as a business and community leader it’s important to keep the curiosity going, always be open, and be a voice that just might help create better ways.

Raised on a Farm

Commercial pilot

Golds Gym Trainer - Venice Beach

Calgary Entrepreneur


Marketing has always intrigued me. And the more I explored how it was applied, the more I saw that many marketing efforts weren’t doing clients any justice. Clients needed to be heard, and the only way to help them find their true voice was to listen, learn, understand and share their story in a way that would propel their success.

So, I helped build a company that would do that — clearmotive. To do that I needed to build the right team, and give them a voice. I’m proud of what we’ve built together and the victories we’ve helped our clients achieve. Curiosity and exploration has a way of paying off when done right.

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To me, Calgary is more than just an oil-and-gas city. It’s a city full of amazing people, with positive stories and a bright future in store for it. What always seemed to be missing was the sense of a greater connection to our city and the people who make it so amazing. So, I set out to bring everyone together by learning from our leaders and disruptors, sharing their voices, and moving others to do the same.

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The Conversation For Change

When talking with Calgary leaders regarding our city’s economic state, I wanted to understand what needed to be done to move us forward. It was a conversation many were having, yet I wondered why it wasn’t one being had collectively. To get everyone on the same page, myself and my friend and co-conspriator, Kevin Crowe (SVP, Strategy at Long View) decided to create a common platform for people to listen, think and get inspired. The result - Collisions YYC, a podcast where I talk with leaders, innovators and disruptors at the heart of our current economic transformation. Collisions YYC debuted in Sept of 2019.

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The Journeys Behind Success

My curiosity leads me to incredible stories from people that have faced the ups and downs in life and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. These stories energized me, and I knew that I wouldn’t be the only one affected by them. To share their voices, I ventured into an area that was new to me. I started a podcast They Just Get It, where I chat with inspiring Calgarians and shed a positive light on the incredible things happening in our community. TJGI was launched in the fall of 2018.

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A Toys For Kids Project

I have always believed that the magic of Christmas should be enjoyed by everyone — especially kids. With the thought of some kids not being able to feel that magic, I wondered how I could make things better for them. While there are many great charities in Calgary, I envisioned creating a simple organization with a simple goal; getting toys right into the hands of kids at Christmas who wouldn’t get one otherwise.

So, in 2010, my wife Fionna and I created Red Express, a project that puts toys in the hands of kids in need. As of last year, we have helped over 1,200 kids and over 850 families, ensuring no child in Calgary is left without a toy at Christmas. Red Express has been a proud partner of CUPS (Calgary Urban Projects Society) since the beginning.

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The Faceto the Name